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Synametrics Search Engine

Synametrics Search Engine

With Synametrics Search Engine (SynaSE) you can empower your users to quickly search and find relevant content, products and services on your website. On the one hand this enhances your site's usability while on the other hand it gives you the power of engaging and influencing your visitors the way you want. The results are faster speed to market and a higher ROI.

This on-demand search capability completely integrates with your website giving it a professional look, while delivering maximum flexibility, precision and power to you. Synametrics Search Engine gives you total control over how these search results are presented.


» No hardware? No software? No technical expertise? - No problem!
Synametrics Search Engine seamlessly integrates with your website without any programming on your end.
» Free website development
We will design a website for you for free. This site will look just like your site, but with searching capabilities. Request a demo now.
» Automatic indexing
Once you subscribe, our servers will automatically find pages on your site that needs to be indexed. You will have the option of excluding or included any other page you like.
» Unlimited searching
We like to keep it simple! There is no limit on how many pages your site has or the number of searches performed by your clients.


»No installation on your site
»Zero maintenance
»Up and running within minutes

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